Over the past several years, my paintings have reflected a life-long connection to both music and movement.  Music, particularly jazz, is ever present in the studio and the structure and patterns in my paintings are influenced by rhythmic and melodic elements of the music.  I work without a preconceived endpoint, seeking an interaction between color, cadence and structure. My palette may be derived from nature, might be a response to the work of another artist, or be prompted by an exploration of a particular pigment. The process of building each painting is reflective and unhurried. Transparent layers of oils are applied, scraped and sanded until the structure of the composition emerges. Areas of focused activity are developed to balance larger areas of quiet. Forms are adjusted, obliterated and may re-emerge in subsequent layers.  In some areas, lines are incised in the wet paint to expose hidden layers of color, and the uncertainty of what will be revealed is particularly enticing for me.  While there are compositional references to architectural structure, my intention is to maintain spatial ambiguity.  The paintings continue to evolve until color, rhythm and movement reach a harmonious whole.-Zinn